Friday, May 7, 2010


today is a divine day.

platitude |ˈplatiˌt(y)oōd|
a remark or statement, esp. one with a moral content, that has been used too often to be interesting or thoughtful : she began uttering liberal platitudes.
• the quality of being dull, ordinary, or trite : educators willing to violate the bounds of platitude.
platitudinize |ˌplatiˈt(y)oōdnˌīz| verb
platitudinous |ˌplatiˈt(y)oōdn-əs| adjective
ORIGIN early 19th cent.: from French, from plat ‘flat.’

the dream & mariah.

my love - the dream ft mariah carey

Rodrigo Otazu
...his work encompasses myriad influences from architecture, music, travel, fashion and the arts, thus creating an essential vital energy from where Rodrigo clearly draws his passions and inspiration to craft highly original creations of stunning style...

for your listening pleasure
the bird and the bee- "ray guns are not just the future"
my 2 favorite songs are: "birthday" & "polite dance song"

Koo {japanese restaurant}
Neighborhood: Inner Sunset, San Francisco
408 Irving St
(between 5th Ave & 6th Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94122
(415) 731-7077

mesh basket sandals
designed for stella mccartney
spring 2009 collection

nots. . .
im not so sure about detriot and their men's hair styles. . .

{written by me in regards to my esoteric and apparent inspiration}: surpassing the incertitude, we sat and settled in a new position, protecting ourselves from the distractions down below; revamping into us; under my cashmere shawl.

stay tuned. . .

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Socilism. . .omg

please check out alexandra pelosi's "right america feeling wronged," on hbo ondemand.
amusing, yet incredibly ridiculous when you realize that people actually, reallly, in all actuality feel this way!!!!

socialism |ˈsō sh əˌlizəm|
a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.
• policy or practice based on this theory.
• (in Marxist theory) a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of communism.
The term “socialism” has been used to describe positions as far apart as anarchism, Soviet state communism, and social democracy; however, it necessarily implies an opposition to the untrammeled workings of the economic market.The socialist parties that have arisen in most European countries from the late 19th century have generally tended toward social democracy.
socialist noun & adjective
socialistic |ˌsō sh əˈlistik| adjective
socialistically |ˌsō sh əˈlistik(ə)lē| adverb
ORIGIN early 19th cent.: from French socialisme, from social (see social ).

my appreciation for certain aspects of socialism does not mean I'm a socialist leftism, welfarism; radicalism, progressivism, social democracy; communism, Marxism, labor movement.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


inamorata |inˌaməˈrätə|
a person's female lover.
ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: Italian, literally ‘enamored,’ feminine of inamorato (see inamorato ).

katie holmes for miu miu

giuseppe zannotti pink thong sandals
resort/ spring 2009 collection
rehab las vegas. . .here we come!

restoration hardware cleaning products in lemongrass

Friday, February 20, 2009

february 20

restaurant to try (immediately)
spend my lunch half hour
salivating over a blt (not pictured below) and an orangina
incredibly satisfying
2043 fillmore, sf

givenchy wedge leather sandals
spring 2009
ridiculously amazing
$ 795

ok so i know that some folks may need to be in a certain mood
for a donny hathaway ballad
personally, i can always adjust
this song "i was meant for you" makes me warm

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. . .for real.

So, there is apparently a drug, that is usually designated for high blood pressure that can erase traumatic memories. Seriously. Upon first glance of the newsworthy info; that almost seems ideal. . .aren't there some instances that we would much rather forget? After watching "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" back in college, my friends and I were like. . .ok, when and where can we have this procedure performed and do they have any emergency openings for ASAP!?

Our memories hold precious nostalgic moments in time while simeltaneously haunting us with prior feelings of pain, rejection and only God knows what else. Why wouldnt we want to purify ourselves of the latter? As I have been working on my new project, which exposes a lot of those juicy bruises and less than amazing memories, I have realized that forgetting those times would actually probably not be as beneficial as I assume it may be. I asked a question at the end of the last posting, "where did you come from and how does that relate to where you are going?." Keep that in mind. Would erasing our memories virtually end up erasing who we are? What would you do if given the option to magically forget someone or something and its impact on you?


Official News Video discussing the "memory loss" drug.

This photograph (which I found surfing photobucket) represents my current state of mind, even with the undesirable memories, they make me appreciate how truly lucky and amazing we are.

"Make a Toast," by Dolla featuring Lil Wayne
amazing song in a reggin kind of way :)

M.A.C's all new foundation "Studio Scuplt": A new formula that revitalizes and moisturizes skin. It is different from the previous Studio formulas because it is gel based and water resistent. Your skin is given a miraculously fresh satin finish. ($28)

Laura Mercier Lip Gloss
If you do not like the sticky consistency of M.A.C's Lipglass, Plushglass or Lusterglass, I would recommend Laura Mercier's line which consists of Lip Glace, Lip Plumper and Lip Stain. It costs a bit more, but honestly, I think it is worth it. My favorite shade of the Glace is "Bare Beige," which was limited edition, but "Champagne" is a part of the permanent line and is also amazing. Give it a try and share your opinion with me.

"Ontario Tie-Dye Boots" Designed for Brian Atwood, Spring 2009, $920
They also come in hues of blue, but these attracted my attention.
A unique pair of suede or leather flat boots are a fashion essential; choose a pair of boots that are a color or material that you do not normally wear; its fun, plus you will make a statment by showing that you are a fashion dare devil!

See you guys soon!
♥ Mina
Oooh and if you're in SF tommorrow, come see me at M.A.C Fillmore!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Hello. . .it's been awhile. . .and I must say, I miss this. . .and I am returning.

Life is interesting, always throwing not so random randomness in the way of living, but in essence, thats what defines "living."

I adore that you all enjoyed the daily postings, and with them I will proceed; however, I don't want it to be so systematic, I am a Gemini and I do not enjoy order or regularity, too dismal for my taste. . .

I spent a month in Vegas, sin city. . .which ironically purified me, or at least began the long process. Long talks with myself, musical journeys, dismissals and introductions to new relationships, quality time with family and the actual birth of my creative mind.

I want to conclude this reintroduction by sharing with you all the brief preface to a piece that I am working on:

I write of banal portraits of love. stale smells of lust. grotesque scars of emotional self mutilation. masochistic phone calls. trauma inducing text messages. prepossessing lies and profound heartaches. periniously floating throughout the universe in the passenger seat, lacking all control of destiny. take a seat on the sofa, flip through the past to sculpt the future. white lilies and kindred spirits at an arms reach. will it slip through your fingers or will you grasp it like you grasp him as he physically does what he never emotionally needed to do, you must enter to exit. if he never arrived, he can't leave and he won't ever show up if you aren't there first


"Trust," by Keyshia Cole from the album, "A Different Me"

"Lavender Whip," Cremesheen Lipstick by M.A.C Cosmetics

assuage (verb): to relieve

question to ponder about: "where did you come from and how does that relate to where you are going?" (figuratively of course)

Monday, November 10, 2008

This Week in Les Beaux Nuages

Hello Fabulous Readers; I have some updates!

My schedule has become sooooo demanding over the last few months and a lot of new and exciting opportunities have presented themselves to me. I am now working full time for M.A.C Cosmetics as an artist in the downtown San Francisco area. I float between Bloomingdales and Nordstrom (Westfield Center), so if you are in the area, come by and say hello! I will be working practically everyday from now until January and come January, my business partner/fabulous existence partner in crime Ashley (A.K.A. Bonnie of Honey in the Bank) and I will start a new campaign called "2 Girls 1 World" where we plan to travel the country & world, remaining in one location for 1-2 months at a time starting with Cabo San Lucas on Jan 1. We will be posting updates about our adventures including video blogs and journal entries about our experiences. I am sooo incredibly excited about this and I will be sure to keep you all abreast of everything exciting detail.

Until we leave for our first destination, I will be posting the traditional Les Beaux Nuages entries along with updates for M.A.C. lovers; however, the postings will most likely not be everyday. I will start the week off with my selection of a word, song, beaux tip, shoe, still photo, video, and place instead of a daily posting. Hopefully this is acceptable to you all; I do appreciate you frequenting my blog! Look forward to postings on either Sunday or Monday of each week!

Word: Caustic (kah stihk)
:::adj:::meaning:::biting in wit:::

example usage: She gained her reputation for being caustic from her cutting, yet witty, insults.

Song: "For the Record," by Mariah Carey
From E=MC2, 2008

Beaux Tip: Is it one of those weeks when you just cannot make it to the nail shop to get your fill? I understand; trust me.
Since having chipped nail polish or that awkward gap between your cuticle and your polish is not a desirable look; I recommend removing the old polish and applying a glitter nail polish. The glitter nail polish will help to camouflage your need for a fill. It works, I did it last week!

M.A.C Update: Last Thursday M.A.C released 6 new holiday promotional sets!!!!
The "Little Darlings" Collection includes:
3 lip gloss sets: coral, neutral, pink (5 lipglass/lusterglass colors)
2 pigment sets: cool, warm (5 pigments in each set)
1 eye pencil set (5 eye pencils)
Each set is $29.50 and only available for a short period of time!
Get yours while supplies last!

Shoe: Intrecattio Sole Pumps
Designed for Bottega Veneta, Resort 2009 Collection

Example outfit courtesy of

Still Photo:
I found this @:

Video: A fabulous speech that I hope our children will have to memorize in 5th grade like we did the "Gettysburg Address" by Abraham Lincoln. I am so stoked that Change HAS come our way!

Place: Sensi
Bellagio, Las Vegas
Amazing dining experience!
The unique daily specials come in a tasty bento box
Cooked to perfection.
Also, they make a house ginger ale that tastes sooo yummy!
The setting is also stunning as you can see below!